From the Dragons’ Den

Message from Bob the Builder:

George, Uncle Sam and Idris are feeling quite cross. They are stuck in the Little Dragon cupboard, keeping an eye on things in church.

We, (that is Bob the Builder and the teddy bears from the Children’s Corner) are enjoying quarantine at Val’s house. We have all been washed or sprayed with an anti-bacterial spray, and are hoping that it won’t be too long before we are able to take part in Little Dragon sessions once more.

It is very pleasant here, but we would rather be back in church, where we can see everything that is going on. Still, we mustn’t complain. An exciting trip in the washing machine, plus the spray, is possibly nicer than having to have something called a vaccination.

Best wishes, Bob and Friends,

Also from Val and from we three:

– George       Uncle Sam     and Idris. 

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