February 2021

  From the Dragons’ Den

Idris Writing from the depths of the Dragon cupboard!

Here we are in lockdown once again.  George and Sam are feeling very glum as they had thought that by now, we would be out and about in our lovely church, having had our wash and brush-up in preparation for meeting our public.  Instead, we are – officially – still in the Dragon basket.  I say -officially – although, whilst George and Uncle Sam are sleeping, I have escaped and am investigating the dark corners of our cupboard. 

A few weeks ago, Val opened the doors and gave us a little airing as she took a photograph of we three to put somewhere called ‘facebook’.  She wanted us to look cheerful and to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and the hope that we can get together soon.  We did our best and we know that we received some lovely messages from people who know us. 

One message asked us to look after the church and stay safe. That’s why I am checking the far corners of the Dragon cupboard.  Hmm! Interesting shiny, twinkly, gold stuff in a bottle with a lid.  Can I open it? It’s stiff!  Here we go!  Oops!  This must be like what they call ‘snow’ – gold snow! Everywhere!     

With speed – into the basket – say nothing!  If anyone asks – ‘those mice get everywhere.’  

Every good wish, from we three:

 – George green_dragon    Uncle Sam  and Idris.

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