February 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

Running repairs were being carried out to the Little Dragons’ dolls house recently. This item is a really popular aspect of each meeting as many of our little people enjoy experimenting with the various placements of furniture and people therein. There is plenty of furniture to move around at will – settees, chairs, tv and tv tables; kitchen furniture including a kitchenette, cooker and fridge; utilities including washing machine and interesting bathroom equipment and facilities to be placed at will. There are various inhabitants of the house encompassing several ages and races, and thus we have a multi-cultural three-storey, detached house, which is certainly an interesting property to view and develop.

Many of our Little Dragons go through a phase of organising the furniture and the inhabitants for a little while and it occurred to me that perhaps we also could perhaps benefit in life if we had a doll’s house as a part of our lives to organise and reorganise at will.

The lucky owner of such a house is able to move furniture at will, choose to live upstairs or downstairs as the mood takes one; in other words, have total control over things, people and places – even if not in reality.

How frustrating life can be when things don’t seem to be working out the way we want them to. Our furniture doesn’t seem to fit the room any longer; everything is the wrong colour or shade; other inhabitants won’t sit where they should, tidy up when they ought, wash up as required – and on, and on, and on!

Would life be easier, perhaps, if we could order everything simply to suit our wish of the moment? Perhaps not! Then we would maybe have little to strive for, no one else to please and we would, no doubt, become totally selfish, only thinking of our own desires rather than trying to please, or at least, fit in with others.

It may be a good idea to purchase a simple doll’s house; change it, decorate it, enjoy it at our will in order that the rest of our energy can be put towards helping to meet the wishes and support of others in our real lives. Receiving satisfaction from manipulating our little dolly world could then leave our energy and talents free to serve the needs of others with a will. Worth a thought!

Every good wish, Val


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