February 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

George writing (interrupted regularly by Uncle Sam and Idris):-

I have just popped out of the Dragon Cupboard for a few moments in order to savour the peace of the church.  Uncle Sam and Idris have both fallen asleep, being rather exhausted after a hectic few days enjoying what they entitled ‘some jolly japes’.  It took time for all the people in the church to remove the candles and trees from the Christmas season and the special days that followed, so Uncle Sam and Idris made the most of the opportunities to experiment here and there.  It’s amazing what fun one can have with tinsel and glitter. Idris has been quite taken with the two dolls who live in the central aisle. They live on something called the Baptism stand and Idris loves to talk to them and learn about the lady who knits them for the babies and children who come to be baptised. Idris has told us all about what Baptism means and it sounds rather interesting.

Uncle Sam has been investigating further and he especially likes the place where the small candles are that people come to light now and again.  He has noticed that those who come to light the candles often sit quietly for a little while. Uncle Sam thinks that they perhaps feel a little happier when they leave than when they came into church.

It’s been rather busy during the last few hours as people have been in church tidying things and putting away most of the Christmas things until they are needed again.  I have been watching Frank and Val.  They came to pack away the Little Dragon Christmas tree and also had a go at mending the Little Dragon bus.

The bus is older than I am and it has been part of Little Dragons for ten years.  It was getting a bit worn out so Frank and Val were trying to patch it up.  It’s only a pretend bus. It doesn’t really go, but it is part of Little Dragons and needs to be there.  They were having a tricky time as the bus really needs taking apart and rebuilt to make it more secure.  Val is hoping that, if someone with nimble fingers notices the bus one of these days, he or she may feel inspired to offer to reconstruct it. That would be great.

Right, back to the basket.  It is perhaps a good idea to make the most of the peace and quiet whilst there is chance.
      Every good wish, George the Little Dragon













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