February 2016

From the Dragons’ Den

I wonder how many of us use public transport to ride to town.  When many of us were small we, no doubt, took most of our journeys on the bus; it being a cheap and efficient way of travelling, especially if we lived in a busy town as I did.

It is possible that several of our Little Dragons have never, or rarely, travelled by bus so when we all enjoy singing, ‘The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round’, making appropriate actions to convey the wheels, the horn, the wipers, the doors, the driver, the chattering Mums, the wailing babies and more – and more –  they probably have little concept of what actual travel by such mode is all about.

How different such travel used to be.  Where I lived, bus services were frequent, usually on time and cheap.  From the age of eleven I travelled several miles to school, changing buses once or twice and knew (as did my parents) that I would travel safely and be on time.

It’s a bit like life really.  There have, no doubt, been times in our lives when we have felt well, comfortable with our lot, secure in the knowledge that each day, although it may bring some problems, is usually a good one.  However: – there are also times when everything seems to go pear-shaped and the wheels on our own particular bus seem to be not exactly going round and round, but appear to have taken on a square shape or have acquired a puncture or two. The road seems bumpy, lots of curves or sharp bends appear and we lose our equilibrium as our particular bus seems to sway and lurch along.

We all have different ways of coping.  Some of us have our faith on which we depend for comfort and hope; some of us have families and good and true friends who support us as life throws us into disarray.  Some feel that they can manage without outside intervention – but – how lucky are those indeed who have faith, family or friends who will support them throughout, with positive help to suit a particular need.

Personally, if the road seems bumpy, I try to make time to list in my head all the things that bring good fortune into my life – even seemingly tiny things that give me joy and hope for the future.  It’s amazing that this always supplies me with thankfulness and energy to face whatever trial or tribulation I may be envisaging.   That and the support of those around me who make my life worthwhile. I hope that your life is also enriched with such good fortune thus enabling you, as me, to keep those wheels turning and to continue smiling!

green_dragon_sVal Butterworth


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