February 2014



       From the Dragon’s Den       


George, the Little Dragon writing: 

As Val is incapacitated or, in words of one syllable, ‘has done her leg in!’ then I have been allowed to write this month’s journal entry.  Uncle Sam is feeling sulky because he wasn’t given the task, but I may allow him to put the odd word in here and there.  Just as long as Idris doesn’t pop his head out of the basket we are OK as he is bound to want to add a few choice words in Welsh so none of us will know what he is actually saying. 

A short while ago, even from the depths of our basket, we were aware that something called the ‘New Year’ happened.  We believe that it erupted in a frenzy of fireworks, shouts of good cheer as families and friends celebrated the hour.

Sam and I (and Idris) wondered whether all the cheering, happy folk considered as they cheered, laughed, sang and enjoyed the moment, all the blessings with which they are endowed – good luck, good fortune, families, friends – even though at times, when things are tough – if they have financial worries, concerns over property repairs and how they might manage them; bodies that don’t seem to be working properly as health problems strike and they feel that coping might be difficult.  Did they spare a thought for the homeless, the jobless, the lonely, those who feel there is no hope for the future?  We know, even from our secluded spot that there are those who don’t even try to help themselves; who take it for granted that everything that they consider to be their right in life will be offered, free of charge and with no obligation. 

Sam interjecting here:

There are also those who, despite all that may be offered, still feel unable to live a life of worth; who feel inadequate (as we all do at times) and who have neither the hope nor the will to face up to each new day.

Back to George:

When things go wrong for such people life can be seen as being very problematic. Others are more pragmatic and can work out a practical solution in a down-to-earth way.  They are lucky as they are usually able to work out a means of managing what could be a seemingly insurmountable problem.  However, even they have to remember that they are not invincible and are so lucky if they have families and friends on whom they can rely.  We all have to remember that although it seems more easy to give than to receive, there are times when to be the recipient can made one feel really blessed.  Perhaps Sam and I should think about that and give Idris more of a chance to take part in our activities.  Hmm – that could be a tricky one.  Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       George and Sam (and a big hug from Idris)



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