Feb 2020

  From the Dragons’ Den

George writing:     Busy, busy, busy!  Uncle Sam, Idris and myself have been so very, very busy during the past weeks.  All the Senior Dragons have very involved in doing things in church, all helping each other to keep things moving as they should over Christmas and something called The New Year, organising Services, parties and starting the new term at Little Dragons, so we three have had to keep our eye on things.

From our secret spy spot, we have seen lots of people come into church and many of them have lit candles and had a quiet little sit down near the candles; some have just had a walk round and seem to have enjoyed the quietness.  We heard one lady say how peaceful it felt just to sit for a few minutes quietly on one of the wooden seats. 

We have also heard lots of wonderful singing; some of it from lots of people sitting on the wooden seats and some from the bunch known as the choir.  They have all been quite sad for a few weeks but have really worked at their singing and we heard them saying that they wanted to do really well – for Jack!   They are working hard, practising lots of songs, probably to keep themselves cheerful and to have some songs ready for the things they call Services.

All in all, everyone seems to be really busy keeping the church nice and comfortable for anyone who comes in.  We keep hearing them say, ‘Won’t it be nice when we have appointed!’ ….. whatever that might mean!

In the meantime, we three, will continue to keep our eye on things.  This is a pretty special place to be and we feel very lucky to be part of this St. George’s place.

Best wishes from we three:  – George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.

PS.  Val asks us to send good wishes to everyone.


The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066 The Diocesan Safeguarding Officer is Mandy McPhee 07999028076 or 07875757396>

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