December 2021

From the Dragons’ Den

An exciting few weeks have passed at Little Dragons since we recommenced sessions following the long lockdown.  Our first week back in September saw 9 little faces appearing through the door into the West End Room; this being  the exact number that attended our first ever Dragon session in September 2006. 

A lot of tiny feet have travelled through the WER, the Children’s Corner and the nave aisle in the years since then and, it has to be said, that there has never been a time throughout those years, when we have regretted our journey.

I read through my Little Dragon Journal entries the other day and re-read the 2006 report on the initial fund-raising effort to raise funds to start the venture.  This took the form of a sponsored cycle event in and around the lanes, which resulted in £350 being raised through the valiant efforts of :-

‘Our brave cycling party consisting of a wide age range – 68, 65, 62, 59, 47, 39 and almost 3, totalling 281 years, with an additional 133 years joining us for the walk; the only essential entry qualification being a foolhardy disposition and a big smile.’

It is good to know that those involved, whose ages now total 386 years (cyclists) + 163 years (walkers) are still willing, although not necessarily as able, to take part in such energetic activity; although the minds are still active. (I think!)

It is good to note that this week our attendance total was 18 Little Dragons plus their Carers.  Never did we think, way back in 2006 that our enthusiasm and good luck would enable us to continue so happily for so long and I must say that it has been a privilege to have had the good fortune plus the support of so many at St. George’s Church.  This continued support has enabled us to continue far longer than we could possibly have envisaged.  Thank you!

Best wishes to all of you from Val and from we three:        

George, Sam and Idris

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