December 2019

From the Dragons’ Den

Here we are again.  Christmas Tree Festival to enjoy, Christingle, Service of Lessons and Carols, Crib Service, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where we can sing and be glad of the Good News of the birth of a special baby.

This year we have had several special babies who are growing into Little Dragons – in the best sense of the word.  We love to see these very tiny babes growing week by week as they come along to our sessions.  It will seem as quick as the flash of an eye before they are sitting up, joining in the singing using their own special language , crawling then toddling up and down the central aisle or the West End Room and Children’s Corner.  Quite unsettling for we Senior Dragons if we stop to count how many babies we have helped to nurture from 0 to almost 5. It gives one quite a shock when we realise that some of our first Little Dragons are now sixteen years of age.  

Every good wish, Val Butterworth

Uncle Sam

P.S.     Best wishes, George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.