December 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

I happened to be speaking with two ex-Little Dragons recently. Both are now aged 14 and are young adults, full of ideas about life and where they want their lives to go; thinking about options for future study and possibilities of what they may aim to achieve in the future.

It is good to know that, whilst immersed in the excitement of teenage, they are still able to recall their days as Little Dragons when they loved to dress up as pirates, cowboys or fairies and, on occasion, were invited to help with story time. One recalled helping with ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat!’, holding the moon and the stars above at the correct moment; also recalling the excitement of a special visitor, dressed in red, at the Christmas Party; the joys of hand printing and, on one mad occasion, foot printing when (I remember very well) one little soul could not bear to put his feet into the shallow bath of paint and, probably to this day has not recovered from the experience.


It is interesting to observe developing concentration on the faces of current participants and the increase in that concentration as time goes on. From experience in an earlier life, it is sometimes very apparent which Little Dragons will continue to develop concentration skills and which Little Dragons may have some difficulties in that department – and so it always was! Very little changes in the learning process!

Now, as we prepare once again for the special visitor, dressed in red, and try to remember whether we made those changes to our address lists or where we put the left-over cards from last year, let us remember to keep at the forefront of our minds why we are doing this; remember what it is that we are preparing to celebrate – the birth of that tiny child, the Light of the World.

….. and may our light continue to shine brightly before others!



Every good wish, Val Butterworth



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