December 2018

From the Dragons’ Den     

On a recent trip to Italy, visiting several places including Florence, Pisa and Sienna, we viewed some beautiful sights and wondered, as often before, on the talent of those who imagined, envisaged and were responsible for the creation of such beauty.

Visiting Florence, we were able to enjoy and wonder as we soaked up the impact of the Baptistry with its golden doors, the Uffizi Museum with its hundreds of paintings and sculptures and the Duomo with its spectacular walls of marble.  We learned a little about the significance of the colours of marble used in the domed Cathedral – white, green and pink; white to signify Faith, green to signify Hope, pink to signify Love or Charity – ‘Faith, Hope and Love!’

(I can now understand why my favourite colour is green – as I am usually optimistic and always full of hope for the future whatever may be happening all around.)

Approaching Pisa, we were informed that the area is known as The Square of Miracles and as we entered through an archway we could see the reason for this.  We had always imagined that the Leaning Tower of Pisa stood alone and were bowled over as we walked through the said arch where, laid before us, were the Baptistry, the Cathedral, the Cemetery and the Leaning Tower. Breath-taking!


We spent a long time in the Baptistry and, after climbing (crawling) up the 69 steps to the balcony, we assimilated and appreciated the beauty and the magnificence of this place.  As we stood and marvelled from above, the woman who had taken our tickets at the door, walked to the centre and, standing by the font, she uttered sounds/notes, without words, which soared up heavenwards due to the wonderful acoustics of this place; giving praise!

Such experiences, if we are open to them, can change our life and our feelings about what we see. Even here, in our small corner, there is always hope and there is always beauty, although sometimes these may become clouded by what is happening around us.

A good lesson to learn from observing Little Dragons is that, whatever is happening, there is always tomorrow, a new experience, new joys – and maybe sorrows. Oh, that we were able to keep the innocence and innocent beliefs of these little people! For them St. George’s Church centre aisle and West End Room become their Square of Miracles for a short time each week.  Hopefully, the wonder they experience in their lives in these early years will remain with them throughout their lives.

Best wishes, Val Butterworth


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