December 2016

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Lots of changes before us – leaves have changed colour and fallen, days are colder, summer wardrobes are packed away as we swathe ourselves in wool and warmth, we wear our winter faces; the changes that we know and expect as each year passes

Yet to the young child, such as those who belong to Little Dragons, changes are not so obvious – although they are huge.  Consider the changes between 3 weeks (the age of our current youngest LD) and 3 or 4 months and so on as our little person makes huge leaps in both physical, emotional and mental development and confidence as the months pass.  It is always very noticeable after a two-week break during school holidays how each child has grown and developed as a personality.  When we return after the summer break it is amazing when one views our members who are now six weeks older. That is when it is really brought home to us of the speed of change in little children.

What about the rest of us then? – Senior Dragons who, initially, took on this task for ‘a couple of years whilst we still have the energy’ – and who are now, ten years later, still turning up week by week and enjoying each moment with these elements of creation.  What changes are there in us?

Well, we have all slowed down somewhat, need to conserve energy a bit, appear to have lost a certain amount of muscle tone, and need to talk sternly to self at times to persuade one that confidence is at a premium and that brainpower is as sharp as it always was! Hmm!

As we approach Christmas, the time of year when Christians celebrate the happening that changed the world forever, it is good to remember that, despite changes that we are unable to control – the changes in ourselves that make us feel vulnerable and needy – we are never actually alone. We are supported in the knowledge of our faith and by the support and care of those around us.

I know that I don’t know all that I think I know.
I know that I may not see all of the places I want to someday go.
I know I’m not ready for everything that I won’t always understand
You don’t have to always hold me
But sometimes. . .Just let me touch your hand.  (Jherine N. Saine)

Know that we are never alone, despite all the changes. There is always someone nearby who will touch our hand and give us the lift we need – if we let them.

Val Butterworth





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