December 2013


December 2013


       From the Dragon’s Den      


One of the joys of being very young is the fact that expressions of joy, or otherwise, can be freely displayed as noisily as one may desire or feels to be appropriate to the situation.  Instances of this can be seen when Little Dragons are riding up and down on the various tricycles and other ride-along toys; the ride being accompanied by ‘engine’ noises, hooting and tooting and other expressions of enjoyment.  Likewise during storytime and singing time:-  no sign of embarrassment here as everyone lustily joins in the narration and singing as required – and sometimes as not!


We Brits are very good at hiding our emotions behind a stiff, upper lip and apparent composure.  However, it can be good to really let go at times – not in a bad way but in enjoyment and cheer – really uplifting the spirits.

Recently, three Senior Dragons plus one, spent time in Funchal, Madeira.  Although November was upon us flowers such as bougainvillea, poinsettias (Morning Glory), agapanthus and others, were still blooming and fruits were still growing by the roadside.  Our four intrepid explorers travelled by cable car to reach the dizzy heights of Monte, being entranced by the wonderful view of the countryside beneath and the brightness of the houses glowing in the sunshine.  On reaching the destination one was able to visit the botanical gardens – again a wonderful experience for those who had time to stand and stare, or visit the very beautiful church.  Others were more concerned with the options for descent – either by bus or by sitting in a wicker ‘basket’ sled in order to be whisked at great speed down the very steep roadway, steered by two men running alongside and hanging on to attached ropes.


Well ….. who could resist?


What an experience.  The ‘drivers’ must be extremely fit as this is how they spend their working lives.  For the passengers this is the moment when all inhibitions can be thrown away and one can make as much noise (or more) than ever before in life.  Whirling and twisting, with a great and mighty g-force element pushing the face into never seen before expressions of enjoyment/terror/delight (take your pick);   wind blowing the carefully coiffed hair into an Elvis peak; and, naturally, at the end, the obligatory photograph, to take home to prove to your grandchildren that, yes, you really are mad.


Little Dragons would not have recognised those who took part as the normally fairly restrained members seen at Tuesday morning sessions.


Wow!  Brilliant!  When can we do it again?


       Val Butterworth



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