December 2012

December 2012From the Dragon's Den

Another Christmas, another New Year – where did the last twelve months go?  How did they pass so quickly?

  ? ? ?

I look at the faces of the current crop of Little Dragons and see the changes that the months have brought – last year’s babes in arms are now staggering around on somewhat shaky legs, huge smiles of delight showing as the formerly unobtainable or unreachable is now within the reach of questioning fingers. Last year’s toddlers are now looking immensely grown up as they cycle the right way round the track and assist with setting up for Story Time and, even more importantly, clearing equipment away as the morning’s session draws to a close. Stacking cushions away tidily is a great achievement when many of the said cushions are larger than the labourers.

Thinking of cushions reminds me that the extra cushioning acquired bodily during the recent festive season must be dealt with.  It is easy to ignore the slight increase in weight and shape as one enjoys the delights of the many extras to be enjoyed as we feast and celebrate in our several ways.

So, why do we indulge ourselves, perhaps foolishly, at this time of year?  We may use the excuse that it is cold and we need to stock up the calories in order to keep our bodies warm and healthy (questionable!), or to keep our spirits high when we may be feeling that winter isn’t the best time of year.

Maybe it is simply that as we gather with family, friends and acquaintances to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child we feel lucky and glad that, in comparison, we have far more good fortune than many people in the world, and are able to put our perceived problems to one side and relax beyond the bounds of good sense.


So, whether you find yourself fatter or thinner, or, like the toddlers mentioned above, your legs are somewhat shaky, we extend –

Season’s Greetings to all and every good wish for the New Year

from everyone at Dragons’ Den.                              VB



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