Dec 2015

From the Dragons’ Den

George & Sam writing: Val is too busy to write at the moment so we are taking on the task of updating those who may wish to know all that is going on in our world. When we last saw Val she was walking about with a big list of names and lots of wrapping paper and was muttering about the amount of postage she would need to send several parcels to some chap who wears a big red coat and who, the last time we saw him, needed to make an appointment with his barber.

We seem to have mislaid Idris. A short time ago we sent him, in disgrace, to the top of the basket. He has been showing off recently and has to be dealt with firmly on occasion, otherwise he is impossible to share a basket with. We think he is up to something. He is being extremely bumptious and keeps on lapsing into another language which he calls the ‘language of his fathers’ whatever that might mean.

We think that at any moment lots of trees will spring up in the church; lots of trees that will shine and sparkle. There will be something called cribs as well.

People will come to visit and we are hoping that we will be allowed to sit beneath the Little Dragon tree so people may recognise us and smile at us. We may allow Idris to sit with us this year, as long as he promises to be quiet and on his best behaviour.

We also think that the red-coated chap may come along one Tuesday morning, bringing all the parcels back with him to give out to Little Dragons. Now, why do the parcels have to be sent away in the first place? We are informed by Idris that it is all something to do with something called the magic of Christmas. At times we find the human world to be very confusing. All these trees and parcels alongside cribs and candles.

There must be a balance in it somewhere. Perhaps one of the Big Dragons will advise us on this extremely complicated matter.green_dragon_s

In the meantime, we will simply say, ‘Happy Christmas!’           George and Uncle Sam


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