Can we buy from the Pub?

Here’s a thought. There must be some kind of shelf life or use by date, for the beer in our pubs, and it seems to me to be a waste of good beer and a loss for our publicans. Is there a way in which the beer and cider can be bottled or provided so that we can buy it for use at home?

My nearest local is the Horseshoes, and I know that Theresa and Jeff have a very nice Merlot, and I’d be happy to take a case of that off their hands. Pay by BACS, or post a cheque. And I’d take some beer and cider, if it is bottled or in usable cask. I bet there others too, who would do so. In a small way it might help their income too. I think there are volunteers who would deliver it to those of us in isolation.

These are businesses in the village which we ought not to lose.

This post can also be an offer to all our local businesses, that you can use this site to advertise your services within the government’s constraints.

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