August 2020

  From the Dragons’ Den

George writing, helped by Uncle Sam and Idris:

Hello Everyone.  We three are still sitting our basket, in the cupboard, wondering what is going to happen next.  We have been sitting here for a long time (Idris says it is nearly 20 weeks!) wondering where everyone has gone.  We haven’t seen any BIG or Little Dragons and no-one has opened either the cupboard or our lid to say, ‘Hello!’   We are hoping that someone will come soon and check that we are OK.  Usually, around now, we are taken to Val’s house for a wash and brush-up, but nothing so far. 

Uncle Sam, who has big ears, says that he has heard little feet pattering about and we are wondering whether some mice have got into our cupboard. George says there is a poem about mice who live in church and that, for some reason, they think they own the place when there aren’t any people about.  That is not good.  We know, that we three are here to look after things when the big door is locked, so, if we happen to see any mice, we will tell them to go somewhere else.

Anyway, we are hoping that it won’t be long before we hear some visitors coming into the church.  We think we heard some people a few days ago.  They didn’t come near where we are, but we think they sat quietly and lit candles.  We like that! We like it when it is quiet but we know that people are there, especially when they light the tiny candles. It seems to make them feel better and it makes us feel better too; not so lonely.

Come on everyone.  Come back soon! We miss you.

Best wishes from we three:  – George     Uncle Sam   and Idris.

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