August 2019

  From the Dragons’ Den

Little Dragons Summer Holiday: “We’re all going on a Summer Holiday, no more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on our summer holiday. No more worries for me or you, for a week or two|” or so the song goes.

All the Little Dragon toys are packed away for a few weeks and the Big Dragons are taking a well-earned rest – for a week or two.

In 6 weeks, we will all meet up again, minus those who have commenced full time education. All the returnees will have grown tremendously and everything will seem clean and new as, refreshed, we will continue as if we have never been away.

Life is funny, isn’t it.  Changes occur: we may move house, change jobs, retire from full-time employment (oh, the joy!)  and we feel that we will never get used to the new situation. 

However, as with our Little Dragons, we absorb the changes, put aside what happened a few weeks or months ago, and within a fairly short time, feel that life has always been just like this, our everyday life, our everyday tasks. 

Some would say that life can get boring, always doing the same things, soon getting used to changes that occur.  Well, come and try a couple of weeks with us at LDs.  Never boring, always joy to be had, smiles to be shared, lots of singing and laughter.  We love it!

Every good wish, Val Butterworth

P.S.     Best wishes, George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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