August 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

Holidays are upon us! Time to rest – did I say rest? Time to think – when exactly? Time to enjoy the extra hours in each day when there are no commitments – Hmm – something wrong somewhere – where did those extra hours go?

When I was working as a teacher, the first two weeks of my summer break were always spent in preparing work for the following academic year. Some preferred to leave this preparation until nearer to the new term, but in my case, I preferred to ‘get it over and done with’ so I could then relax for the rest of the holiday, enjoy time spent with family and/or travel to other pastures in order to rejuvenate and refresh.

The end of my last term as a teacher and as a headteacher brought a new perspective to life.  My husband, knowing that I would find the beginning of the next term slightly odd, and perhaps difficult, suggested that we go away – and we did. On the day that school returnees packed their schoolbags, we boarded a flight to Maldives, to be shortly followed by a flight to Trivandrum in India,  where we spent time back-packing and thoroughly enjoying new scenes, new ways of living and, quite surprisingly, finding a school with the same name as the one I had retired from – a little school in Kerala, where the children giggled with delight as they sang for us.

Follow that, one might think!  We did, by, along with others, setting up St. George’s Little Dragons, Under Fives Group.  We never expected to continue for so many years – now ready to commence our 13th year!  This venture has brought unexpected bonuses in the provision of delightful Under Fives plus Carers who we have been lucky enough to supervise and entertain during those years.  So lucky also in the Senior Dragons who have assisted (initially known as Big Dragons but it was decided that this gave perhaps an unwanted, slightly tricky image.)  Three of the original Seniors are still in post and an original Grandad/Carer and Granny/Carer have been in post since their LDs started at Big School!

Life is full of precious moments and Little Dragon memories fill the heart with gladness. Many thanks to all those who have, and continue, to support us through the years.

Best wishes, Val Butterworth

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