August 2017


  From the Dragons’ Den

Summer holiday break.  A time to rest and rejuvenate the system, do all the jobs that one has put off – and put off – and put off. A time to tidy up, clean and renew Little Dragon items that have become dishevelled and worn out during the past year. 

It is the time when some Little Dragons leave us to commence formal schooling and we hope that the things learned with us, such as sitting down quietly at story time, joining in with singing, creating interesting articles and pictures in ‘art’ form, learning to share, will all come to their aid in the bigger world of school.

It is the time when we Big Dragons sit back and declare amazement that after eleven years we are still continuing to come each week to share with these little people, delight in their delight and support their Carers as and when we can.

When we began our Little Dragon venture I think we anticipated it lasting just for a year or two and we aimed to simply be a support body for those who might need a space for their toddlers whilst giving them, the Carers, chance to take breath.  It has turned out to be that, and more.  We have listened, laughed, cried, comforted and generally supported ‘all sorts and conditions of men’ – well, mainly women actually.

Our aim, initially, was to be a body of Outreach, and we know that several who have reached out to us have been helped by our simple support. We have opened our hands, arms and hearts to those who have reached out to us – sometimes for simple help, at other times for huge support, care and kindness. 

If we have helped anyone in any way; if we have provided support or sustenance to someone in real need, then we have done what we set out to do.  The hope that this may be so gives us heart to carry on when our own lives are tough and we, ourselves, have seemingly unsolvable problems. 


We sometimes need to remind ourselves that we are never alone.  We are each in the hands of One who is greater that we could ever hope to be.  We, though, can continue to do our best to support those in need and to notice and care for each other when we can, hands and hearts at the ready to support those whose need is much greater than our own.

We need to be there!  – for each other!  – and we will never be alone!

Every good wish, Val Butterworth


The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066. The Diocesan Officer is Carl Steventon 07598817717

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