August 2016

green_dragon_s-150x150 From the Dragons’ Den

Holiday time again!  A break from Little Dragons whilst the schools are on their summer break.  Time for George, Uncle Sam and Idris to be spruced up in anticipation of the new term, although Idris is already objecting as he had a wash and brush up prior to his illicit visit to Hereford Cathedral.  Tough!  It will be interesting to hear his observations when he has spent a morning pegged out on the washing line alongside his friendly rivals.

George, Uncle Sam and Idris are very like brothers, I suppose; daggers drawn at one moment and great buddies the next.  This brings to mind my own sons when they were, say, 6 and 8, when they would enter a room as a bundle of arms and legs as they wrestled for supremacy, rivals until the moment when authority in the shape of Mum or Dad spoke up against the noise, then at once unified as they attempted to win the moment.

A big step for our Little Dragons is to learn to take part as a member of a group rather than, perhaps, as a child alone having full choice without opposition.  It’s hard when one wants the blue and red bicycle and someone else is merrily riding round on it.  The green and yellow bicycle won’t do and, on occasion, little hands may make a grab for the hair or arm of the opposition.  Squalls can occur although there are many distractions which usually solve the problem – until the next time.

It’s a hard lesson in life to learn that you can’t have everything that you wish for, either immediately, or sometimes at all.  Almost 60 years ago when Frank and I were newly married, most newly-weds made do with second-hand furniture until they could afford the modern, shiny furniture of their dreams.  We managed with my Grandma’s two armchairs (oh, the horror – brown rexine); but the joy when we could eventually afford our first three-piece suite can probably not be imagined by a young couple setting out on married life nowadays. Sadly, we live in an increasingly materialistic society where we all seem to want everything and we want it NOW!

Which reminds me, I would like a new tablet, a new fridge/freezer, a new car and a whole wardrobe of new clothes.  Hard luck!

Enjoy the summer! Good wishes from all at Little Dragons. See you on September 6th.       Val Butterworth


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