August 2015


  From the Dragons’ Den

There are changes at Little Dragons as eight of our group move on to attend primary school, the first of many such changes in their lives. Transition of any kind is often life-changing. As they move on our little people will learn to make and accept (hopefully) the enormous change in their day to day routine.

Three of our very first Little Dragons from nine years ago are currently making the transition to secondary education. It hardly seems a moment since we waited with trepidation on that first day wondering whether anyone would turn up. The rest, they say, is history.

Perhaps there have been moments in your own life when you have made the transition from one way of life, one set of routines, to something completely different: – starting full time education, changing from primary to secondary, secondary to further education or to the first job, or changing your occupation, retiring from occupation and being, so they say, a free agent with all the time in the world to please yourself. That’s a laugh!

When children and their carers initially attend Little Dragons they soon absorb the routines and the ground rules that apply in pursuit of safety and enjoyment for all members.  Some take longer than others to learn that ‘Story Time’ is the time that we sit quietly (one hopes) and learn to listen and to join in the singing and activities that ensue. Most soon learn which areas of the building are free areas and which are no-go areas, in which areas it is ok to ride the bikes. For most a gentle reminder is sufficient and the occasions are rare when equipment has to be removed because the gentle reminder has been ignored.  It sometimes takes longer for carers to remember that it is not a good idea to bring mugs of coffee out of the kitchen area despite the warning notice, thus perhaps endangering little people.  We all take time to learn and absorb the new rules and constrictions of a new phase of life’s adventure.

We at Saint George’s are entering a phase of transition as we welcome our new curate, Max, and his family into our midst. How lucky we are to be involved in Max’s transition as he develops his skills as a Priest and our best wishes go to him and his family as they become involved in our lives.

According to the TV advert if we furnish ourselves with a certain brand of transition lenses we will have an improved view of the world. Actually, we can do this by simply caring about and loving those to whom we come into contact.  The expression, ‘What goes around comes around!’ is never truer than when we give of ourselves in care and thought for others and find that we are enriched in return.  Val Butterworth



The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066. The Diocesan Officer is Carl Steventon 07598817717

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