August 2013

August 2013

       From the Dragon’s Den        

Dora the Explorer visited Little Dragons today.  She waited in the Dragon basket until it was story time then appeared, complete with big smile, to talk to the little people gathered there.  Dora had a problem.  She had mislaid her best friend, Boots the Monkey, and wondered if the children could help to find him.

During the search a little brown mouse with a pink, woolly tail was found to be hiding under the altar cloth; a crocodile (believe it or not) was found to be hiding under the altar table; Miss Muffet’s spider, the cat who visited the Queen, and Humpty Dumpty were all found to be lurking around the choir screen; a tiny teddy bear was leaning on the candles and he was successful in hiding Boots the Monkey from view.  Dora was so pleased to be reunited with her friend and this made for happiness all around.  As ever, at Little Dragons, when we are happy – and we know it – we clap our hands, stamp our feet, nod our heads and shout aloud.  At such times so much steam is let off that we could compete with several kettles.

One can always depend on Dora the Explorer to cheer people up.  She is always cheery, full of optimism and certain that if something can be achieved, then she will give it a jolly good go.  Her favourite sayings are, ‘We can do it!’ and ‘We did it!’

There are, no doubt, people within your own circle who possess the Dora Factor.  They are the people who try to be positive even when events conspire against them; they try to greet each day with a smile despite their worries; they look for a silver lining even when grey clouds hover.

As we travel through life, be we of tender years or being a bit ‘long in the tooth’, we encounter many challenges some of which cause us to think – ‘I can’t manage this!’ – feeling at times that this is the thing that could break the camel’s back – is a bridge too far – or any other cliché that comes to mind.  If we are able to summon Dora’s attitude, enthusiasm and courage, we will rise to the challenge and can then say, proudly, ‘I did it!

BE LIKE DORA and DO IT!       11-03


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