April 2019

From the Dragons Den

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We Dragon Boys have a BIG complaint to make.  We have been excluded!  We have been excluded from something called a Beetle Drive. 

Now, everyone should know that dragons love to eat beetles.  We consider them to be a great delicacy either as an appetiser or to complete our repast along with dragon cheese.  We are very disappointed and, indeed, very sad when we consider that, although we feel that we are full members of this establishment, we have been ignored, left out, uninvited to one of the social events of the year!  Anyway, no more will be said on the matter. We are not ones to bear grudges! (You bet?

We have had an interesting few days. We understand that the Reverend Max has disappeared for a few days, so Reverend Christopher has stood up to the plate, much assisted (hampered? hindered? advised?) by all these people known as Lay People. Now, that’s an interesting term!  Do they lie down. Do they lay things on top of one another, such as cushions or cloths?  We are intrigued.  Whatever, they all seem to be doing their best to help until Reverend Max returns.

So, until things return to normal – now that’s another very interesting word – we will simply keep an eye on things as usual.  However, good folk, do not forget that dragons, even if they do get pushed into a cupboard every Tuesday morning, do like to take part in everything, and really, really do like to know all that is going on.  Will someone please inform the Senior Dragons that it would be a kindness to allow us to share in everything.  One never knows how helpful it can be to have someone present who notices all that goes on in this place each day. 

Perhaps someone will note our BIG HINT and LET US OUT to join in the fun!

P.S.        Best wishes, George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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