April 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

This is the day – this is the day – this is the day when it doesn’t rain, the wind doesn’t blow, the sun peeps through the clouds and, at Little Dragons, one of our little people takes their first steps down through the West End Room, or down the centre aisle as they make a determined effort to reach the red car before anyone else manages it.

Those first steps are so significant in our lives, be they the first steps we take as a baby, as we start school, further education, first job, and all the other important happenings in our lives.  New beginnings, new fears, new triumphs, new wonders and all the other new things that make up our daily lives over the years.

As our Little Dragon rolls and reels through the dance of the first steps, so we seem to roll and reel through the happenings of our lives.  From our perspective, descending from the standing position down to the hands and knees perhaps doesn’t appear to be very far for our toddler, although for him/her it is a big drop. For us, as we grow older, the times when we feel that we might be falling from the heights of success and achievement down to the disappointment of perceived failure or hardship, can be devastating.

However, for all of us, each day is a new beginning, be we a Little Dragon, a growing child, an adult or – possibly a time of greatest trepidation – old(er) age.  The older we get, the more experience we have, which should enable us to keep perspective within sensible bounds.  This doesn’t always happen as, at any age, we may feel that we have little control over what is happening in our lives.

As has been stated before in earlier epistles, we have to remember that we are not alone, although there are times when we may feel that this is the case.  There is always someone, human or divine, who will listen to us, will help to raise us up when we are failing, or falling – just as each one of us will help the toddler regain balance.  If we give others a chance they will be more than ready to support us in any way they can.

Val Butterworth






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