April 2015

April 2015            green_dragon_s

  From the Dragons’ Den

If you were aware of loud noises issuing forth from the church building a few weeks ago; noises that may have sounded like a buffalo in pain, or celebratory noises that may have indicated that Shrewsbury have been promoted to the Championship League – well think again – what you probably heard was the Little Dragon Prize Concert Band enjoying their first rehearsal for some time.

One has to be rather brave, full of courage (or foolhardiness), to produce the musical instruments at a Dragon session and letting the said instruments loose amongst our little members.  Ear plugs should be the order of the day!

However, seeing the joy-filled faces and sharing the enjoyment and vigour, one is filled with pleasure even as the ears ring.

Little Miss Muffet almost lost her curds and whey and the spider ran for cover as the joyous noise poured forth and echoed up and down the aisle; Incey Wincey spider tried hard to keep well inside the spout rather than face the challenge of climbing the north face accompanied by bells, shakers and castanets.

One amazing thing though is that when a small rabbit is held up –‘r’-abbit means ‘rest’ – all movement and noise ceases and peace is restored – well, for a short while.11-03

After a couple of marches up and down the central aisle – ringing, shaking and clacking – whilst lustily singing the well-known song concerning the Grand Old Duke –the band members require fruit and juice; the leader requires a cup of coffee and something to ease the  knees.    All great fun!                                               Val Butterworth


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