April 2013


                          From the Dragons’ Den 

George and Uncle Sam writing.  We heard a rumour that Val is busy with paint brushes and rollers at the moment and so decided that we would issue a quick message from the Dragons’ Den. (The discerning will note a change in the apostrophe’s position!)

What excitement there has been in our normally quiet existence!  A short while ago we were unceremoniously gathered up and dumped – no better word to describe it – at the other side of the church due to something called work being carried out in our usual abode.  Apparently, new storage cupboards were to be built and installed and, we are glad to report, we are now reinstated back to the north aisle, but in a far grander situation than we have known previously.

Our new home is in the first of the new storage cupboards and we feel extremely fortunate to be so placed.  We had to search very hard to find a means of viewing the church building and all that happens there, but, after a bit of surreptitious shifting of paper, glue and something called glitter, we have managed to find a good foothold and balance area where, through use of our well-honed skills in this department, we are able to observe all as before.

During the building of the cupboards we were able to watch and get to know the man who spent so much time sawing and sanding here.  We didn’t find out his name but we heard someone say that he is a carpenter, a worker in wood, although the man himself says he is ‘just a joiner’.  We aren’t sure what that means but he and some others, called ‘sons’, have certainly transformed some seats called pews into our new home.  He, and they, have worked really, really hard and we heard the Senior Dragons saying that the man and his sons should be praised for all they have achieved.

Once, when we were listening, we heard someone tell a story about a simple carpenter who was the father of a very special son.  We think that our carpenter has also heard this story and has done such wonderful work as a tribute to the son who, so the story-teller said, is so important in the lives of all who know him.

We say, ‘Well done and thank you!green_dragon_s

 Best wishes, George the Little Dragon and Uncle Sam.


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